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Are you aware of everything written about your company on the Internet? The online world is exploding with customer "review sites" and other venues where information and critiques surrounding your business are available for the world to see. Today, you are defined by what appears on
Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing.

This cutting edge aspect of public relations is critical towards maintaining your company's reputation, and to prevent sales from dissipating due to erroneous information being posted about your products
or services. Studies have shown that over 60% of online consumers search a user review or similar
site prior to making a purchase decision.

Effective online image management regimens are not a one-time affair. This is an ongoing surveillance effort requiring expertise pertaining to the continually evolving cadre of various review and other user-submitted content sites. It additionally requires the ability to decipher when one of your competitors decides to play dirty pool by pretending to be a disgruntled customer of your business. These
practices are only deciphered by sophisticated tracking and investigative methods.

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain flawless online reputations for our clients.

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